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23 January, 2020 - Thursday

Expanding Internet Solutions

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WebHelp is an Online System whch can be used for any of the following amongst others:

> Help Desk
> Customer Care
> Project Management
> Job Costing and Time Analysis
> Support and Maintenance
> Pre and Post Sale Query Requests

WebHelp Helps you Meet Best Practice Service, provides 24x7 communication with Customers and can increase productivity and efficiency whilst reducing costs.WebHelp is a big company system but at an affordable price.


Self-service Portal

By allowing your customers to add new requests and search for possible past solutions, the system will massively reduce your staff’s workload which in turn increases productivity.  As the system is web based and available 24x7, your customers can see the current status of all of their requests, reducing follow-up calls.

Request Tracking

A full history of communications is recorded between your staff and customers and/or internally within your company.  This enables your customers to track their own and company’s requests, your staff to keep on top of their allocated requests and your company to manage requests quickly and effectively.

Knowledge Base

When dealing with a request, the best action to take is to recall historic resolutions.  This helps to cut the time it takes to resolve the issue by giving your employee a possible solution without having to research in too much depth.  Advanced searches give your staff the opportunity to quickly find resolutions or pointers within the request knowledge base.

Time Recording

Time Sheets are available to record the amount of time spent dealing with a ‘Request; allowing you to bill customers or clients on the ‘time-basis’ if necessary.  It also allows you to analyse the amount of time spent on a ‘Request’ by an employee so you can determine whether they have been prompt in their resolution.


With the use of the Time Recording feature, you will be able to keep track of how long it has taken your company to deal with tasks and requests that may be subject to billing.  You can keep a record of the time spent and have the ability to enter detailed time sheet information, helping you with your billing requirements.

Service Level Agreements

To help you meet your contractual agreements, the system is fully configurable with the use of alarms and escalations.  Setting time margins, you are able to make sure that requests are being dealt with promptly and within your service level agreements that you have with your customers.

Management Reporting

A full range of reporting tools are available to help your company management analyse the performance of your staff, request success rates, recurring issues, problem products, over budget jobs and many more.

Key Features


ImageRequest Tracking

ImageSelf-service Portal

ImageKnowledge Base

ImageTime Recording


ImageService Level Agreements

ImageManagement Reporting

Key Features

ImageEmail Notifications

ImageSMS Message Alerts

ImageCustomer Request Submissions

ImageFile Attachments

ImageSLA Integration

ImageWorldwide Access

ImageAlarms and Escalations

ImageManage Staff Schedules and Workloads


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