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24 January, 2019 - Thursday



With the use of the Time Recording feature, you will be able to keep track of how long it has taken your company to deal with tasks and requests that may be subject to billing.  You can keep a record of the time spent and have the ability to enter detailed time sheet information, helping you with your billing requirements.

The system is highly configurable in a way that enables you to record different rates for different clients against different services and different workers. This helps when you need to bill a different rate for all of your customers and maybe a different rate based on what the work code is (e.g. a site visit by an expert to your best client may be a higher price than a site visit by a trainee to a smaller client.).



> Aids in client billing based on time spent on requests


> Requests can be marked as time based jobs for billing purposes


> Time sheet detail is recorded for presentation to clients


> Export billing information into your sales ledger


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